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Molly is an avid community connector: she loves to make matches for success all over town, in all of her circles: business, parenting, foreign language, skiing, soccer, hunting, local food, and beyond. She is happiest cooking local meals with love for the people she loves, catching fresh powder turns with her family on self-imposed snow days and soaking up the sun on a distant beach with a good book and some ceviche.

The Alchemy of Community Connection and The Arts

A is for Alchemy: Creating Community STE(A)M

March 14, 2023 5:06 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The Arts are a powerful tool for cultural exchange, economic upliftment, personal and intellectual development, and positive mental health outcomes. Plus, they are an essential component of the alchemy of community connection. While STEM and STE(A)M both have their own merits, the addition of the Arts in STEAM provides a powerful combination that completely transforms experiences in nearly every possible case.