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Tracking Community Events on Social Media is Hard

When is the last time you tried to use social media to find an event or track and share what is going on in your town? Or while you travel? Did you see it on Instagram? What was their handle again? Or was it mentioned on Facebook? And, you wish there was an easier way to get all the local partners on the same page? Tracking community events on social media is hard for several reasons:

  1. Volume of Information: Social media platforms generate a vast amount of data daily, making it challenging to filter through all the content to find relevant community events.
  2. Varied Platforms: Community events may be announced on various social media platforms like Facebook, X, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn, requiring users to monitor multiple channels simultaneously.
  3. Inconsistent Tagging: Not all event organizers use consistent hashtags or keywords to promote their events, making it hard to track them consistently.
  4. Geographical Challenges: Locating events relevant to a specific geographical area can be difficult, especially if the event organizers do not provide precise location details.
  5. Short Lifespan: Some events may have short promotional periods or limited visibility, making it easy to miss them if users are not actively monitoring social media feeds.
  6. Noise and Irrelevant Content: Social media feeds can be cluttered with irrelevant content, advertisements, and spam, making it harder to identify and focus on community events.
  7. Privacy Settings: Some events may be private or limited to certain groups, making them inaccessible to users who are not part of those groups or who do not have the appropriate permissions.

To overcome the challenges that make tracking community events on social media hard, you can plug ahead, and users may need to employ advanced search techniques, use social media monitoring tools, follow relevant community pages and influencers, and actively engage with local networks to stay informed about upcoming events.

If you wanted to get really deep on the association between social media fatigue, cognitive ability, narcissism and misinformation sharing, check out this article from (Warning – possibility of going down a major rabbit hole here. The persistence of fake news, and the fracturing across numerous social sites, rabid misinformation, and algorithms designed to keep you watching, clicking, wanting and buying are worth reading up about.)

Arguably, an even better idea is to implement a centralized community event platform, like GatherBoard. With posting open to any community member, special feature pages for partner organizations, multiple sharing options and no logins required, a community facing events platform allows everyone, from locals to tourist, to find what they want to do today, tomorrow, or plan for a future visit. It doesn’t have to be hard to track community events. Community inclusivity can be easy and fun.

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