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It’s finally here! A Mobile Ad Spot!

Take a look at on a small mobile device (ie. your phone) and you will now see a new banner ad. The ad will be at the bottom of the page with “fixed positioning.” That means it won’t move with the rest of the listings as you scroll through. It just stays at the bottom of your screen until you scroll to the bottom of the page, then it stays put when it hits the footer and rests just above the footer.

For GatherBoard site administrators, a new management option has been created for this feature. It has similar handling as the other ad containers, making it very easy for administrators to use.

Administrators can find the new Mobile Ad choice under Ads on the left, then simply load a 300×50 jpeg, png or gif under 100k, with a lining URL. For DFP, create a new ad unit and generate the corresponding tags. (Tutorial coming!)


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