GatherBoard is the solution to manage and enhance your local events scene. Whether you are putting on your own community events, promoting broadcast events, or looking to bring the community together, we have what you have been looking for.  With its sleek color-coded design, community event submittal button, and an easy to use back-end, we are confident you will be impressed. Live remotes? Sponsored events? Fundraisers? Put it all here, broadcast it across your various channels, and use your community calendar to organize, promote and share across town. And make money doing it.

Are you nationwide?  Even better!  Our turn-key product is easy to translate from market to market, streamlining the same look and feel.  Plus, our built-in monetization features are just another tool to add to your sales reps’ toolboxes.

  • Leverage your existing ad network.
  • Complements the important role you already play in the community.
  • Increase your web traffic and relevance.
  • Monetize your event calendar with your existing ad network.
  • Extend your mobile reach.