Creating inclusive community connections is the reason why we and all of our customers exist. We built GatherBoard to provide community-driven leaders the platform they need to connect their community members, businesses, and event creators with one another. 

We are in an unprecedented stage of virtual life. Yet, we humans require human connection, human touch and shared human experiences – this collective effervescence is an antidote to feelings of depression, isolation and exclusion. Local leaders are required to create a community culture of inclusivity and accessibility. They must preach about Why someone should live, work, stay and play in their given community. And, they are charged with elevating their local economy.

Insert GatherBoard.

We allow you to collect, curate, organize and share all local events and experiences for your community, without the costs or obsolete-nature of print, nor the need for sophisticated distribution channels and mailing lists. By gathering your own event content paired with community generated event content, and partnering with local businesses and organizations, community leaders (you!) can focus on building community and uplifting the local economy while curating experiences and creating connections.

GatherBoard is the brainchild of Colin Hickey and Molly Bradford, both of Missoula, Montana, USA. This software product is ideal for mid-sized communities of like-interest who are looking for a responsive, elegant and functional calendar. GatherBoard is launched as a stand-alone initiative, allowing for maximum community partnership and collaboration. We have numerous features for sharing and integrating the calendar onto your site, and partner sites. (GatherBoard is like a mini WordPress or Squarespace, specifically for calendaring).

We are a great solution for your City or Town, local Newspaper or Radio, University or College, Corporate Campus, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Association, Community Development Corporation, Destination Resort and more…. Simply put, GatherBoard is the calendar that puts you in charge. Read more about GatherBoard here.

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Meet the founders

Molly Bradford, CEO

This is why I created GatherBoard: When all is said and done, life is about strengthening community connections and human connections. Too often we find ourselves shoulder-to-shoulder, faces in screens, fear of missing out, uncertain where we belong and how to find our people. Creating inclusive community connection is the reason why we and all of our customers exist. We built GatherBoard to provide community-driven leaders the platform they need to connect their community members, businesses, and event creators with one another.

As the daughter of a real estate entrepreneur and an artist, and degrees in Math and German, it is no wonder I find my sweet spot in the connection between humans, nature, art and tech. My journey has consistently included making connections with and for people and community players, and today I play an active role in the rising tide that unites and strengthens the Missoula eco-system.

For over two-decades, I have been involved in sales and marketing in Montana, working with hundreds of small businesses on successful marketing and advertising strategies.

I am fiercely loyal to my family, my friends and my town. You just as likely to find me w/ one of my kids, or recreating in the mountains and rivers, as you are to find me on a zoom call or "balancing" telecommuting from another work-life adventure. I love to bake, brew, cook, hunt, sew, and read.

Colin Hickey, COO

Colin was a local rock and roll legend, coming off a long stint as the front man for the International Playboys and promoting music in Missoula. What he noticed was that all too often bands of the same genre would play on the same night, resulting in competing audiences at both gigs - bad for bands, bad for bars, bad for the audience, bad for promoters… So he decided to start a free community events calendar -…. it was good for everyone. In 2005, the site morphed into, and by 2013, GatherBoard was born. To date, Colin has approved approximately 100,000 events on

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