GatherBoard is the brainchild of Colin Hickey and Molly Bradford, both of Missoula, Montana, USA. This customizable and monetizable software product is ideal for mid-sized communities of like-interest who are looking for a responsive, elegant and functional calendar. GatherBoard easily integrates into your existing site, but is most effectively launched as a stand-alone initiative. (GatherBoard is like the Squarespace for calendaring). We are a great solution for your Newspaper, University, Corporate Campus, Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Association, Four-Season Resort, Festival, School District, Private School, Retirement Community, and more…. Simply put, GatherBoard is the calendar that puts you in charge. Read more about GatherBoard here.

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Meet the founders

Colin Hickey

Colin was a local rock and roll legend, coming off a long stint as the front man for the International Playboys and promoting music in Missoula. What he noticed was that all too often bands of the same genre would play on the same night, resulting in competing audiences at both gigs - bad for bands, bad for bars, bad for the audience, bad for promoters… So he decided to start a free community events calendar -…. it was good for everyone. In 2005, the site morphed into, and by 2013, GatherBoard was born. To date, Colin has approved approximately 100,000 events on

Molly Bradford

For nearly 15 years, Molly Bradford has been involved in sales and marketing in the greater-Missoula area, working with 500+ small business on successful marketing and advertising strategies. Through her roles at local businesses and on local volunteer boards, she has delicately guided customers, and even her employers, through grand openings, moves, promotional events, sales and closures. Since coming on board as co-owner with Colin in 2009 she has co-created GatherBoard and upped the bottom line over 600%.

GatherBoard in the news

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The event calendar platform that pays for itself.
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