We optimized — so you don’t have to.

Search Engine Optimized

Get discovered and boost your website traffic and ranking. Your calendar is designed to be automatically optimized for the top search engines.

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Optimized for social

Get noticed on the top social platforms. Our shareable events create the most visibility possible and increase traffic to your events calendars.

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Responsive Design

Leverage your community and add even more events. Our secure platform allows public event submittal, yet your maintain control over what gets posted.

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We thought of everything

Public event submission

Your GatherBoard calendar is built for your community, and they can get involved by submitting their own events to your calendar. All publicly submitted events will go through an approval process, so that you can maintain control over the content of your calendar.

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Recurring Events

Posting and editing recurring events has never been easier. The intuitive interface of our Management Portal takes away the headache of making sure your events are posted correctly.

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Custom Branding

With custom color templates and a unique header image, you can easily brand your GatherBoard site in a memorable way.

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Custom Categories

GatherBoard has unmatched flexibility in organizing your events into different categories and subcategories that match the interests of your community.

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A few of the most popular ways to monetize our calendar include iFrames, custom RSS feeds, Venue Pages, and Banner Ads. If you have any questions about how this works feel free to contact us for a monetization training package.

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Reverse Publishing

Take your online event listings and format them for your printed publications. This a great option for Newspapers, Tourism Groups, Libraries, or anyone looking to put their events into print.

We made it easy to use

Locations & Maps

Any address inputed into an event detail page will automatically generate a google maps window that will allow your end-users to easily find their way to your events.

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Multiple Filters

Organize your events with multiple, customizable filters. Your end-users will be able to quickly and easily find all events that they are interested in.

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Feature Pages

Feature Pages are a great way to further organize your events. Highlight a popular venue with its own page. Your end-user will be able to find all events for their favorite spot and this will provide a monetization opportunity for you. You can also create tags to link related items together. Is there a summer festival you want your users to know about? Create a tag for it!

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Interactive Calendars

GatherBoard is set up so your users remain on your site to browse the calendar of events through event detail, venue pages, event submission, quick search and expanded search. You receive the benefits of additional traffic and increased SEO.

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Two-way Search

GatherBoard is easy for end-users to navigate. Quick search using the calendar icon in the main navigation and jump to the date of choice. Advanced search with the "search" button offers choices by category, sub-category, age, keyword and more.

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RSS and iFrames

Get your calendar out there! GatherBoard comes with multiple standard RSS feed options - all events or by category. In addition, use the iFrame generator in the backend to monetize custom feeds with your "look" to sell or giveaway.

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We take the pain out of management

Powerful Administration

Controlling your calendar is easy. The intuitive interface of our Management Portal takes away the headache of making sure your events are posted correctly and efficiently.

Premium Support

We're with you at every step in your journey with GatherBoard. Have a question about a certain feature or something isn't working quite right? Let us know! Our experienced support team is on hand to help whenever you need us.

Bulk Upload

Just getting started, or moving data from another calendar? Use our.csv template for mass upload. Your GatherBoard calendar starts out full (and even archives your past events). Share the template with busy venues for monthly mass-uploads of many events.