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2020 GatherBoard Updates

Software Updates
There has been a lot going on behind the scenes at GatherBoard – perhaps you’ve noticed? Not only some great new features, but also some hiccups!  (Thank you for your patience navigating these.)
Search – for the Front End (your calendar users) and Back End (manage.gatherboard) there are many search enhancements, check them out!  Some of them are getting smoothed out, like do you have “recurring events” selected or not – we are still fine tuning this and appreciate your feedback.
Submit – the front end and back end submit forms look a little different, especially how you enter the category pairs.  This suggestion came from a license in New York City that is just getting started for a 2021 launch – Global Talent Connect.
Submit – in the back end, did you notice the new plus sign + next to “Events?”  This is for a quick event submission!
Ticket Button Label – there are now many choices for this button on the submit form, check them out.
Zip Code vs Postal Code – as we have international sites, you will see that we are now using “postal code” as a more universal term. 
This is just the tip of the iceberg for improvements.  We are also working on updating our PHP code, and will be implementing a new SSL security system.  Other things to come: we will be adding in “regions,” “end times,” “$$$ – price range choices,” and more.  (see blog post on CheddarBoard – this is a BIG ONE for 2021!)
As new improvements come, we will make sure to post them in the back end “News” area and on the FaceBook group.

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