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“Humble Before Data,” C2M Accelerator & Congrats

Humble Before Data

When I was parking downtown today the car in front of me had a great bumper sticker – its was a simple black rectangle with white writing – Humble Before Data. As I was getting out and walking up the sidewalk I noticed a very hip looking elderly woman getting into the car. I wish I’d gone back to chat with her about it. Instead I spent the 4-block walk to my office pondering what it meant.

I came up with two thoughts:

First – be humble first, consult the data second. Or, rather, be in a humble state, even a state of humility, before seeking or consulting data. (Likely important. As a mathematician, I like to remind myself and others that numbers don’t have feelings.)

Second – in the face of date, be humble. If you were religious, you may make the analogy to being humble before God. Please don’t misinterpret, I am in no way equating data with a god of any sort.

Both thoughts seem related in a chicken and egg sort of a way.

What do you think it means?

C2M Beta Accelerator

Both ideas above seem poignant, as we’re just finishing the Blackfoot Communication C2M Beta Accelerator here in Montana. It has been 12-great weeks with two other Montana companies – 2Revol ( spin-off from ProjectLove in Billings) and Bridgible of Missoula.

We are each in different stages of our companies, the other two very new, and GatherBoard about 8-years in. However, the key takeaway of having good data and knowing how to use it has been invaluable. And, most importantly, being humble in the face of data, being humbled by the data, or both…

The big take away for us is interviewing all of our current customers to find out who they are, where they live, what’s going on there, what was the state of things when they finally searched for an event listing solution for their community.

Our demographics and geography are vast… but the data is helping us see some correlation in the psychographics of the ideal person and the community that will inform much better sales and marketing decisions moving forward – and give us the right things to track.

Humble before Data.

Best Event Platform – Niagara County Entertainment

And finally – CONGRATULATIONS are in order! We just learned from Michael at Niagara County Entertainment that they recently won BEST EVENT PLATFORM OF THE YEAR 2021/22 by the New York Prestige Awards! Please join us in congratulating them on this huge achievement we are humbled to be the platform behind this great site!

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