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Disconnect to Re-Connect

Ask yourself: “How is your relationship with your Community?”
Sometimes, to show up best for our community, we have to disconnect from our community for a while.
When we feel this way at GatherBoard we often seek out nature, even in short bursts, as a way to reconnect with ourselves.


In this moment, we often come to wandering thoughts on, “How is our relationship with the Earth?”
The Earth has given us everything we need: air, water, food, shelter…
What have we given to the Earth?
The next step we take is to elevate this question, layer by layer: “How is our relationship with ourself? Our family? Our community?”
And, “What have we given ourselves, our family, our community?”
The re-engagement process brings us back to our Community Connection space in a richer, more abundant, creative and optimistic way.
Tell us: How is your relationship with your Community? And, how do you Disconnect, so you can more richly reconnect with your communities?

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