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Where it All Began

After noticing how many of the same genre of bands played on the same nights, one man decided there must be a better way hence the birth of what is now known as GatherBoard. GatherBoard was introduced in beta-mode in 2013 by a pair of entrepreneurs from Missoula, Montana. It originated as GardenCityEvents.net (which is now Missoulaevents.net) an easy-to-use calendar software solution for the lively community where Molly and Colin lived. GatherBoard is customizable for each of our licensees, and can be monetized through in-site event advertising sales. Our software can be integrated into your existing site or as its own standalone initiative, based on your needs. If you are a mid-sized community of similar interest and are looking for a responsive, elegant, and functional calendar contact Colin or Molly here to find out how GatherBoard can put you in charge of your calendar.

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