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The Spirit of Stone Soup

Weekend community connection report… tell us something that has inspired you about your community this past few weeks.

We’ll start, to help get the juices flowing:

One of our staff helps out at the local YWCA making a monthly meal for the emergency shelter. This month they find themselves tied up with external family and work projects and a sick kid, which is making it hard to get the job done. What started as a simple social media request for help quickly turned into a bounty of riches. And now, the most vulnerable women and children at their YWCA will be getting an unbelievable Wednesday night pre-Thanksgiving meal.

This tells us that what makes community work is simply showing up. The spirit of stone soup starts with an empty pot and a stone and grow to community stew. And, in the spirit of “stone soup,” when we each bring one great “ingredient,” we create an exponential bounty of riches for all.

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