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The GB Partner Program

We’re kicking off the new year with a couple partner incentives.

We know you love using GatherBoard for your community calendar.  And we know you’ve talked about it with friends in other cities, states, maybe even countries.  Some of you have also talked about wanting to open up additional licenses.  With this in mind, we’d like to reward you for sending us new licenses with the GB Partner Program.

The GB Partner Program works in two ways:

First – REFERRALS – when you send a new license, you’ll receive a credit valued at 5% of their contract.  The credit will be come valid after the new license has been up and running for 90-days and their account is paid in full through those 90-days.  You can use this credit against your monthly bill, or request it in cash.

Referral Example – Missoula sends GB a lead for Spokane.  Spokane buys at $400/month for a year.  Their value is $4800, Missoula’s credit will be $240, and becomes effective after Spokane has been billed for their first 90-days and payment is received in full.

This Referral credit is only for the value of the initial contract and is not subject to renewals or early cancellations.

Second – ADDITIONAL LICENSES – if you decide you want to add on additional licenses, each subsequent license will be 10% off their respective rate.
Additional License Example – Missoula wants to expand to Spokane.  They pay $300/month for Missoula.  Spokane would be $400/month based on their population size.  With the 10% discount, the cost for Spokane would be $360/month.

This 10% discount will be honored as long as the licenses are active and in good standing.

If you have any questions email [email protected].

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