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Spotlight: Malden Events

Just north of Boston, the city of Malden, Massachusetts (population around 60,000) is a city with a small-town feel. It is also a thriving multi-cultural community, with great schools and amazing restaurants, as well as many non-profits and political organizations. Born and raised in the area, Ariane (Ari) Taylor is familiar with many of these.

To say that Ari is active in her community is an understatement. A realtor and mother of three girls (one just a newborn), Ari also serves on the boards of several non-profits (Malden Arts, Malden Access Television, Zonta), and is involved in community and political organizations, and campaign management.

One of the reasons that Ari is able to do all of these things is her great partnership with her husband of 21 years. They met in high school and have been together ever since. He is very supportive. Even having a newborn barely slows her down, as her mother and husband both help with the baby.

Like many others before her who have chosen a GatherBoard calendar, Ari saw a need in her community, and found a solution. She wanted to give back to her community. So, she met with the mayor, and researched online. Ari found GatherBoard in a google search, liked how it was organized, how it looked, and that it was a user-friendly platform.

With support from local non-profits, the public library, and the mayor, was launched in November of 2018. Because the city of Everett (just south of Malden, towards Boston) is getting a casino, (which will create jobs and attract more people to the area), they wanted to get the community calendar event site up and running before the casino opened.

 Ari enjoys spending time with her friends and family and participating in community events and organizations.

There was a ribbon cutting on 2/5 and now is linked to the city website. Check out the press release here.

Ari and the mayor showing off the new calendar

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