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#SoMissoula: a Social Media Campaign that Feels Good

We struggle with social media, blog posts, enewsletters, etc… there are many ways to get the word out, and sometimes it feels oppressive. More than “sometimes.” A lot.

Our company run flagship site, MissoulaEvents.net, decided to take a new approach to social media this year. They kicked off the Instagram and Facebook #SoMissoula campaign in August 2022 with Missoula Social Media guru, Shelby Humpherys. The results are off the charts on numerous levels: fun, engaging, informative and uplifting. Shelby and the MissoulaEvents.net staff (Lori + Nikki) are taking this community love fest to new heights.

The premise is quite simple:
* claim a catchy hashtag for your community calendar (i.e. #SoMissoula)
* make a list of all of your local partners: advertisers, venue pages, nonprofits, support agencies, etc
* assign them to the weeks of the year, depending on their major events or happenings
* post twice a week with using collaborator tagging and hashtags – a general post and a story
* print up some #SoMissoula swag and hand it out to each partner on their special week (hats, canvas totes, koozies, stickers, t-shirts, plus coasters and napkins for food and bev locations)

* push posts to Facebook (consider TikTok for 2023)
* remind each partner to like, share and repost – and to wear the swag
* ask your staff to like, share and repost – and wear the swag

* intersperse funny “iconic Missoula” posts about quirky sights, foibles or facts around town
* create a dashboard (i.e. spreadsheet in Google docs) and watch your social media numbers, your website traffic, your email list subscribes and your sales numbers skyrocket!

Would you like to launch a campaign like this for your community?

Get in touch today to learn how.

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