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GatherBoard App (coming soon!)

After an 8-year stint as Best Website, our flagship site recently won second place in the “Best Local App” category in The Independent’sBest of Missoula” reader’s poll. Ironically, at the time we didn’t even have an app! A large part of our value proposition is the fact that our website is optimized for mobile, so it works great on smartphones, desktops, laptops and tablets. The exciting news though, is that there is a GatherBoard App in the works, and it is going to be awesome.

People are relying on their smartphones now more than ever. On our Missoula site, we see nearly 65% connection from a mobile device. For some, the smartphone is their only way to access the internet. For others, it is simply the most convenient way to access the internet on-the-go. Because of this, we want to offer an even more optimal event exploration experience for people using mobile devices.

Last year we came out with a new mobile banner ad which has been performing spectacularly on mobile devices. This year, we look forward to unveiling the GatherBoard App.

Thanks to a collaboration with a team of University of Montana students, GatherBoard will soon be able to offer a more personal, curated mobile device experience.

With the new GatherBoard App, you will be able to:

  • Select a homeboard from a list of GatherBoard Calendar sites
  • Set preferences for what kinds of events you’d like to see in your feed
  • Choose how you view event listings with “my feed” categories
  • Set reminders for events on your phone
  • Sync up with your personal calendar
  • View your weekend calendar
  • View a map and get directions
  • Get a ride: Link to Uber or Lyft to set up a ride to an event
  • Check out featured venues and view more events and info there
  • See your planned events
  • Share your weekend plans with friends


Here is a preview of what the app will look like:


View Events in “My Feed”:


Event Detail View

Venue Page View


Set Reminder

These are just some cool features to look forward to with the new GatherBoard app. Keep your eyes posted for a late 2018 launch.


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