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Co-Founder Spotlight: Colin Hickey

Colin is responsible for organizing over 2,000 events in his home of Missoula, Montana throughout the past ten years. He has worked as the talent buyer and booking agent for local nightclubs—The Badlander, The Palace, and Jay’s Upstairs, to name a few—and spent over two years as the Marketing and Events Director for the Missoula Downtown Association. In this role, Colin helped organize some of Missoula’s biggest events such as The River City Roots Festival, Garden City BrewFest, Downtown ToNight, Out to Lunch, and many, many more.

Today, he works for Hank and John Green (otherwise known as Vlogbrothers, the name of their wildly popular YouTube channel), running their annual YouTube event, VidCon, as well as their new video channel monetization startup Colin started in 2005, and approved every event from that point forward. 

In addition to all this, Colin still finds the time to DJ a wedding (or five) every summer, rock the dance party on Saturday nights as “DJ Monte Carlo” at The Badlander, enjoy a raucous night of board games with his wife after putting the kids to bed, and make one mean gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, egg-free meal for his sweet little girl.

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