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What is GatherBoard, Anyway?

What is GatherBoard, Anyway?

GatherBoard is the solution to all of your calendaring needs our proprietary software compiles all of your communitys or companys events into one place.

Why Gatherboard?

Our software is exceptionally elegant, responsive, and functional. It can be easily integrated into your existing site or launched as its own standalone initiative based on your individual needs.

Since we are a small startup, we are able to work one-on-on with our licensees to ensure optimal fit and function for each calendar.

Okay, sounds cool but I’m not sold yet.

Check out our software in action here. We handle the hard part (back-end software) and you simply update your events as necessary.

Wow, that is an awesome, easy-to-use calendar. Where do I sign up?

We know, we worked pretty hard on it. We’ll tell you that story here

Sign up here. If you want to learn more, contact us, we’d love to answer any additional questions you have.


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