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New Feature Annoucement

We are very excited to launch three new features.

First is a handy News section. Now we can talk to all of the licenses without relying on email. Licenses are alerted in their admin dashboard whenever a new feature is launched. 

Second is Featured Events. Now you can highlight up to six events at the top of your events feed. Check out to see what we are talking about. You can find this feature under the Events section. Also this works perfectly on mobile which is very exciting.  Missoula reports that these ads are performing nearly 10x better than standard banner ads, and they are charging twice as much for them.  Cool, right? Please let us know what you think.

Third, You can now customize the Approval and Denial emails that are sent to event submitters. You can find this option under Settings > Email Template Manager.

Thanks to a few of our flagship licenses for the great ideas – you know who you are.
Colin and Molly

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