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Happy World Tourism Day!

How Will You Experience the World?

Travel has the power to transform, invigorate and test our limits. When you visit one of our GatherBoard cities, their calendar opens up a world of experiences, knowledge and opportunities while committing to local connections and local commerce.

With sustainability, diversity and inclusivity as top priorities for the human connections that result from our sites, we are enthusiastic about our GatherBoard locations:

Would you like to visit the wine country of The Sonoma Valley or relax in the quaint town of Wayne in Central Maine? Perhaps you’re looking for the local arts and flavors in Oaxaca, Mexico or a Northern coastal visit to the “birthplace of New Scotland” in Pictou, Nova Scotia. Our enriching community calendars offer plenty of events with like-minded locals and tourists.

Here are 6 reasons why community-connection travel is good for you:
1. Connect with locals on a deeper level
2. Create new friendships
3. Hit the reset button
4. Experience real exploration and cultural exchange
5. Strengthen existing ties
6. Gain a sense of achievement

There is so much to learn, so many people to meet and places to explore when you tap into the local scene.

We’ll see you there!

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